Life on Tamsøya

A 3 hour RIB rafting trip with a twist. Experience the history of Tamsøya, get the adrenaline pumping, taste some home made local sweets and go for a relaxing beach walk among the birds.

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Eider down on an old scale

Years ago, Tamsøya used to be one of Norway’s biggest down villages. We’ve started practicing this old tradition again, and we combine this with our efforts to protect the eider population on the island. Unfortunately, all across Norway, the population has been on the decline for some time now.

Old house from 1905

Up until WWII, several families lived permanently on Tamsøya.

Photo: Robert Collet

The dining area

Cloudberries in vintage bowl

Our island is most known for its golden cloudberries, and this resource has played an important role for many generations’ livelihoods.

Kaia og handvogna

Our peer is 80 meters long and a landmark on the island. It is absolutely imperative for our operation here. The old cart has been a part of our daily chores for the last 50 years, and is still being used today.

Photo: Erica Haugli

The eider bird and down

Usually, the eider lays 6 eggs. When in the nest, she’s very well camouflaged. If startled by humans or animals, she lifts off and defecates on the eggs, causing the quality of the down to decrease.


If only this stool could speak, what would it tell? There’s something special about old items that have lived long lives.


For centuries, roseroot has been used as medicine to mend many ills, and on our island, you can find it just about anywhere along the sea shore.

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