Combine the sense of wilderness with comfort

Get the ultimate nature experience and relax far away form the chores of everyday life. This fabric goahti is located just above the shoreline on the  south side (Innerenden) of the island, with views to “Kjæsklubben” and south and west side of the Porsangerfjord. Experience wilderness camping with a luxurious twist

The goahti is fully-equipped, with features like a woodstove oven, kitchen utensils, seating area, safety equipment, camping furniture and best of all – a comfortable double bed – making it trouble-free to stay for multiple nights. It’s comfortable to walk around inside, due to the fact that it’s installed on top of a wooden platform, and also it has ceiling and wall windows with curtains. But more importantly, this is a high-quality goahti that can withstand the harshest of weather

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Seating area with a view

On days with good weather, sitting outside is preferable, but on rainy days it’s nice to be able to sit inside with the fire burning and fur pelts on the chairs.

Roche moutonnée and the sea

Right outside the goahti, there are kilometres of roche formations in each direction. Perfect to explore the shoreline, and scout for seals.


Tamsøya is magical this time of year. Colourful and atmospheric with evenings lit by fires and candles.

Evening atmosphere

Campfires and cooking – an ambient combination.

Photo: Erica Haugli


Witness the bustling birdlife both close-by the goahti, and all around the island.

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